I appreciate every one of my families. It is important to me that you feel comfortable. You know that feeling when you're with 'life' friends or family? You can walk into their house without knocking or sit in the car together without needing to talk or laugh so hard alligator tears run down your face. It's this kind of comfortable that I'm talking about. We will capture authentic moments that tell the story of who your family is!

I also want you to feel prepared. Please scroll down and have a look at the information relating to your session. My hope is this will help answer most of our questions. If you still have questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I cannot wait to work with you!

Your Custom Family Photo Experience

You've booked your session...now what?

We will discuss everything related to location selection, wardrobe selection, and answering any questions you have via email.

Custom tailored photography is special because it not only captures what you look like at a certain point in time, it captures who you are. The goal is to capture the true essence of your family, not to get a stiff and posed shot with everyone always looking at the camera. I create images that will become works of art as they hang in your home and get passed down for generations.


Location: Together, we will decide on the best location for your photos. We can shoot in your home as long as your home has adequate natural light. Many clients prefer their home because of the intimate and personal feel it provides. I also have many locations I love to shoot at regularly but I am always open to new locations as well. Most importantly, I want to photograph you in a location that really fits your style and personality.

Time: If we are shooting in your home, I prefer late morning, because this is when homes are usually lit up the best. If we are shooting outdoors our session will be in the morning or in the evening. The light is typically really harsh mid day. If your children are up for it, as session one to two hours before sunset provides gorgeous light and atmosphere. The images in my portfolio look the way they do largely because of my use of light and the time of day your session takes place has a huge impact. Many families tell me that they simply have the kids take a late nap or have some down time prior to their evening session. 

Length Of Session: The good news is, I am super fast! My family portrait sessions rarely last more than an hour. Don't worry, I can easily get a diverse and adequate gallery in that time. 

What To Wear: This is the time to really express who you are! I do not style my families because I want you to be YOU! Your wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. I do not recommend matching but rather coordinating. I am happy to consult you directly on wardrobe or recommend a personal stylist if you are interested. Just let me know. 

  1. Most important tip. Be yourself!! I CANNOT STRESS THE ENOUGH. Lifestyle photography, especially from an artist like myself, is meant to be authentic. If you don't usually wear dressy clothing, don't. If your daughter hates dresses, don't put her in a dress. If your son can't stand wearing button down shirts, don't put him in one. If you are a sporty family, dress sporty. You can find clothing that fits your style and is clean, nice, and comfortable. That doesn't mean you shouldn't dress your best, but it does mean you can dress your best in your own style
  2. Mom! I love when moms are in dresses (if they like dresses) or an outfit they feel great in! MOST IMPORTANTLY, choose your outfit first. Choose something you feel amazing in and build the families outfits around yours. 
  3. Coordinate, don't match. The days of blue jeans and white shirts are gone. Instead of trying to match outfits, think about one or two complementary colors and choose a color scheme instead. Once you choose the color scheme, mix and match the colors so that everyone’s outfit flows and coordinates. Everyone should not have on all blue bottoms and all green tops, for example. Think about balance and keep it to 2-3 colors total. Most people gravitate to jeans or pants, so add a dress or skirt for someone if you can to mix it up.
  4. Stay away from graphics and florescent colors. Avoid shirts with any type of text, branding, logos, or characters as it really detracts from the focal point - everybody’s lovely face! Graphics tend to go out of style so I suggest staying away from them. And, the bright neon orange or yellow shirts will impact the color hue of your child's face.
  5. Use patterns wisely. Patterns can be very distracting in your final image. However, spots, stripes, and plaids can go nicely with block colors if the patterns are subtle and have the same tone. For example, not everybody should wear a checkered shirt, but if Dad is the only one wearing it, it can make the photo more visually interesting.
  6. Choose ivory over white. Try to avoid solid white or black as those colors can look flat in photos. If your heart is set on white, try something with texture (lace, linen, or knits) to add visual detail, or consider ivory instead - it shows more detail and looks warmer in photos. 
  7. Make sure the clothing you choose fits. I get it. Kids grow fast and you want to get the most out of each clothing item. But this isn't the time. It doesn't look good when kiddos clothing is too short or baggy or rolled up to fit. 
  8. Yes, to layers. Think tights, cardigans, blazers, scarves, hats... These are more for the grown-ups than for little ones, though. Babies and toddlers don’t need much in this category as it can overwhelm their small frames in the pictures. Plus, extra accessories may cause distraction for young children. Another nice thing about layers is they can be added and removed during the session giving variety to the photos you receive at the end, without having to do an entire wardrobe change. Think - half the photos with the jean jacket, half without.
  9. Shoes matter! Photos are taken from many different angles. Your shoes don’t need to be the best or brand new, but make sure they are clean and in good shape. A great outfit with ratty shoes won't look as good. Think about how the shoes will match as well as necklaces and headbands etc. These items can add a pop of color too!
  10. Ask your photographer for help! Don't be shy. We are more than happy to help you along the way. Promise!

Props: I do not use props during my sessions, however if you have something in mind please let me know. 

Your Children: Remember, children are not usually fond of being told to pose or smile. It is best if we just give the children time to relax and try to capture their natural self. Don't worry if your child is running around and being active, most of the images I've captured of children were captured while the child or toddler was busy playing and exploring. To get the family shots, I usually direct the adults to simply "be" with the child, or hold the child and we go from there. To get the most out of your session, make sure your child(ren) has rested and has had adequate snacks and water. You can also bring these along! In fact, I encourage it. We can take breaks for snacks and play, however I will often continue shooting during this time. Bring dry, non messy snacks so their little faces stay clean during the session. Prepare the child for the session by letting them know that a friend will be taking some photos of them, it's best not to surprise them.

Please arrive on time or be ready to start on time: Remember, your session is scheduled according to light. It is important we start on time. Please plan for traffic or parking constraints. It's best to arrive early.  

Feel free to email with any questions you might have. Thank you and I look forward to capturing you soon! 

What to expect from your custom newborn portrait session


I am so excited to capture your sweet newborn. Your custom newborn session is done in the comfort of your own home. My style is Fine Art Lifestyle, which means that I will come into your home and beautifully capture this fleeting time in your life. 

Day Of The Session: When I arrive, I will walk around your home and scout out the best lit areas for family and sibling shots. I often use the couch, master bed, and nursery for photos. I know what it is like to have a newborn. Please don't feel like you have to clean the house before I arrive. We can easily clean up an area that we want to use for photos. 

Your Baby: Your baby is perfect just the way he or she is. I don't try and make babies sleep or place them in unnatural poses. I suggest you have your newborn in a simple onesie that is form fitting with no graphics or words. This usually means you will need a preemie or newborn sized onesie. I will likely take it off and get some nude or near nude newborn photos as well. Also, please gather a few favorite swaddle blankets for baby to be wrapped in. I recommend feeding the baby as much as he or she wants about fifteen minutes prior to my arrival. Newborn sessions can take some time, this IS okay. Your baby is perfect as he or she is. I do not do major posing or have any expectation on how the baby should behave (alert or asleep). We let the baby guide the session. What is important is that we capture this beautiful time in your life.

Siblings: Again, I know exactly what it is like to have a new baby, I have two of my own, and I know exactly how big this change is for the siblings in the house. I usually try and get sibling and family photos right at the start because the sibling may loose interest in me quickly. I have no major expectations for the siblings and will never force them into doing anything they aren't comfortable with. It is best to prepare the sibling for the session by telling him or her that a friend is coming to visit and take some photos of your family. It is always best not to surprise them. 

Mom & Dad:  You are going to be thrilled and exhausted. You will likely be experiencing some of the highest highs and perhaps some of the lowest lows. Having a new baby is hard and wonderful all at the same time. My job is not to make this time in your life look perfect, my job is to show you just how beautiful it is. I want you to be relaxed and at ease when I am photographing your family. You don't need to be anything but yourself!

Wardrobe: I recommend neutral colors and comfort. What is most important is that you are comfortable. I am happy to discuss wardrobe with you further if you would like. Just let me know. 


Feel free to email with any questions you might have. Thank you and I look forward to capturing you soon!